Their Stories

Victoria’s Story

Victoria is a fighter, and now she is fighting for her fifteen year old niece who suffered from the same abuse that Victoria did as a child. Victoria had enough and was determined to give herself and her niece a fresh start. Victoria was referred to Thrive AZ from DCS (Department of Child Safety) with the hope that Thrive AZ could help her and her family with a place to live and a chance to give her them a fresh start.

Thrive AZ quickly responded to Victoria with emergency housing, food, and the stability she needed to begin the healing process. Victoria is working with DCS and Thrive AZ to finalize the adoption of her niece so she can have a safe FOREVER home.

Rebecca’s Story

Is it possible to bake a cookie in this Arizona Heat? This is how an 8th grade Science Project became a place to call home for one deserving teen.

While working together on a science project, Rebecca’s daughter quickly became friends with her classmate Natalie. Natalie lived in a foster home that could no longer care for her. This meant she would have to move to yet another home. Rebecca and her family had grown very close to Natalie and stepped up in a big way. Rebecca took a step of faith and invited Natalie into their family and home at the time not knowing how she would provide for another child on an already very tight budget as a single mom of two.

Despite the struggle of having a little bank account, Rebecca and her girls have a BIG heart and are planning on adopting Natalie. Natalie will now have the family and a HOME she deserves. Rebecca teaches her daughters that good things come to people who work hard and do for themselves.