Oklahoma currently serves around 9,600 children in our foster care system.  Reasons for removal vary from homelessness, abuse, neglect and the lack of basic resources to care for the family.

Our Vision with our Thrive Foster Care Prevention Program is to help prevent children from being removed from their families due to the lack of basic needs and resources, or due to being at risk of homelessness. Working in cooperation with Ignite 405, Oklahoma Department of Human Services caseworkers, community partners and other organizations, we can surround our clients with resources needed to provide a safe environment for their children.  These needs can include providing brand new beds, pillows, blankets, personal care products, appliances and furniture. In some cases, we will offer a faith based transitional living program for those who are working to provide, but are at risk of being homeless. **Please note our transitional program is not currently ready.  For housing information, please contact us for guidelines, requirements and updates of availability.***

Thrive serves families in need of a loving and supportive community to assist with prevention. Each family at Thrive OK is engaged in an individualized case management designed to promote hope and self-sufficiency needed to break the the cycle of poverty. 

Our goal is to support families in the prevention process to build stability and create HOPE for a positive future. 

Family Eligibility:

  • At risk of losing children due to lack of basic needs
  • Working to provide, and at risk of being homeless or separated

To assist our families in overcoming their obstacles and meeting their goals, Thrive provides the following resources to our families at no charge:

• A brand new bed, sheets, pillows, and blanket

• Other furniture, household, and hygiene items

• Support and encouragement through the prevention process

• Referrals to community agencies/programs