Aged Out

The transition for a foster youth from foster care to “the real world” is abrupt. An average of 320 foster youth have aged out of the system each year for the past 10 years.  Oklahoma is one of only three states that doesn’t offer any extended care for those aging out.  Because of this abrupt transition, and lack of support or resources, many youth aging out experience homelessness, unemployment or even incarceration.  Many of them may not even complete education beyond high school. 

Our vision is to fill this gap by providing a faith based transitional program and housing that will create stability, and give opportunities for these youth to grow in a healthy, sustainable environment.  We will partner with each individual to advocate and connect them to resources for their education, drivers licenses, transportation, healthcare, career and financial needs.  Whatever the need, we aim to build ongoing relationships that give hope and enable them to thrive!

***Please note our transitional living program is not ready at this time.  Please contact us for information on guidelines, requirements and updates on availability.***